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In our experience, most beard products are either too waxy or too greasy.

For that reason, we used organic cocoa butter as the primary ingredient in Smith’s Beard Balm.

Cocoa butter melts nicely on contact with skin, making it easy to apply without leaving your hands greasy or sticky.

No artificial fragrance. Just organic cocoa butter, a touch of organic beeswax and pure sweet almond oil.

This gives our balm a light, not overpowering, scent of dark chocolate and nutty almond.

This formula is designed to keep the skin beneath your beard healthy and strong whether you have a short, well kept beard or a long, glorious, wizard-like beard.

Smith’s Beard Balm is hand poured in small batches using organic cocoa butter, beeswax and pure sweet almond oil.  That’s it.

We hope you love it.


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